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E-PhysioNeeds is an online version of Physioneeds Academy, serving since 2015. We aim to provide the highest quality skilled programs in the most simplified manner, adhering to international standards and offering CPD points. The founders of E-PhysioNeeds Academy are Dr. Chakshu Bansal, a renowned physiotherapist, author, teacher, and entrepreneur, and Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, a vice chancellor, author, and multi-talented personality. The team at E-PhysioNeeds comprises individuals who are experts and ultimate professionals in their respective fields.

Years of hard and smart work has been executed to make the most comprehensive courses for your utmost understanding with the most detailed clinical anatomy and biomechanics that too, imagine what!

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Okay, so you're doing but you don't even know why to use this therapy? sorry but this won't work out.

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Welcome to e-physioneeds

Welcome to e-physioneeds. Every year, thousands of students venture into the fascinating world of physiotherapy where they're expected to work with old therapist - like hand wheel - which is not even available in the market.

But, the moment they enter the real world, they're shocked to find truth

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Here's what happens at the time of Recruitment?

Only 1 out of 10 candidates is selected due to shortage of relevant & skilled talent, the recruiter ends up hiring only 1 out of every 10 candidates who apply for the job.

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Students only have theoretical knowledge which they're unable to apply in the actual job.

Huge cost of Training

Students with just knowlege that they grab in collges end up paying huge training cost.

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It's very difficult for a student to find a dedicated platform where they can find real quality of content.

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Some Institutes are not even liable to offer the certificate under any recognise body.

Popular Online Courses

We believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that they can mine to support themselves and succeed in life. And we make it happen!

Dry Needling

Understand basic scientific backgrounds of myofascial trigger points.Able to identify surface anatomy palpation and by function and know their clinical symptoms and perpetuating factors.


Participants will be diving deep into the difference of each individual taping modality and how to apply clinical reasoning for individual case.


The term Kinetikinetic in KKMT actually means mobilization of forces. So KKMT emphasises more on reprogramming the forces (muscular) than only realigning the joints.


The course includes the theories and hands on approach on providing effective soft tissue techniques relevant to your patients,with the physiological, physical,therapeutic and psychological aspects of myofascial techniques.

Sports Massage

A player needs sports massage at every stage of his sports/game with different aims of relaxation,stimulation,releasing the spasm etc


Unlike Gua Sha, IASTM is used to assist manual therapists to quickly scan for tissue dysfunctions.

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World-Class Faculty: Learn from accomplished teachers with an in-depth understanding of the subject.

World-Class Faculty

Learn from the accomplished teachers with an in-depth understanding of the subject.

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Educate yourself with the top-notch study material designed by the EXPERTS.

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Learn concepts, practice questions & get your doubts cleared instantly in the LIVE Classes.

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Practice chapter-wise Quizzes & solve Assignments to learn and revise concepts.

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Learn through high-quality & easy to understand video lectures.


Get Important topics & formulas for last-minute revision in the PDF format.

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Dr. Chakshu Bansal


Ph.D. Scholar from America, specializing in the field of musculoskeletal health. With a plethora of international certifications and qualifications, she trains physiotherapist across the globe. In addition to her international qualifications, Dr. Bansal is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified EMG-NCV therapist from the USA, and a Certified Sport sector trainer, recognized by the Government of India. She currently serves as the Academic Head and Instructor at KKMT ASIA, contributing significantly to the field of Physiotherapy. She is the developer of "Tapedia," an encyclopedia that provides certification in taping techniques, and has co-developer of KKMT. Dr. Bansal is also the author of "Magical Manus" and co-author of KKMT - book on 3D peripheral manual therapy and holds the esteemed honor of being a three-time World Record holder.

Dr. Krishna N. Sharma


World’s youngest Vice-Chancellor (2017) and 1st Indian physiotherapist to ever reach that rank, is 9 times world record holder educator, researcher and prolific author with 42 best-sellers out of his 250+ published books. With over 250,000 enrollments in his courses, he has students from 191 countries (98% of countries in the world). This 2-times TEDx speaker is the 1st Indian to develop his own complete school of thought in manual therapy - KKMT (2015). KKMT has been included in the national physiotherapy curriculum by the Ministry of Higher Education, Cameroon; and St. Louis University, Cameroon.

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