Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy
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Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy

"Precision in Healing: Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy - Where Expertise Meets Relief, Guiding You Through Pain Points with Skill and Care, Ensuring Every Touch Counts in Restoring Comfort and Well-being!"

Instructor: Dr. Chakshu BansalLanguage: English

About the course


In this course, you'll dive deep into the principles and techniques of trigger point therapy, a highly effective method for relieving pain and restoring mobility. Whether you're a seasoned physiotherapy professional looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer eager to explore the world of manual therapy, this course is perfect for you.

Course Overview

Our Trigger Point Therapy Certification Course is structured into ten modules, each covering essential aspects of trigger point identification, assessment, and treatment. Here's what you'll learn in each module:

  1. Introduction to Trigger Point Therapy: Gain a foundational understanding of trigger points, their clinical significance, and the principles of trigger point therapy.

  2. Anatomy and Physiology of Trigger Points: Explore the anatomical structures involved in trigger point formation and understand the physiological mechanisms underlying trigger point pain.

  3. Trigger Point Assessment Techniques: Learn various assessment methods to accurately identify trigger points in different muscle groups.

  4. Manual Therapy Techniques: Master a wide range of manual therapy techniques, including ischemic compression, stretching, and myofascial release, to effectively treat trigger points.

  5. Trigger Point Referral Patterns: Understand the referral patterns associated with common trigger points and learn to differentiate them from other sources of pain.

  6. Treatment Planning and Management: Develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs and learn effective strategies for managing trigger point pain.

  7. Trigger Point Therapy in Sports Rehabilitation: Explore the role of trigger point therapy in sports rehabilitation and learn how to integrate it into athletic injury prevention and recovery programs.

  8. Advanced Techniques and Tools: Delve into advanced trigger point therapy techniques, such as dry needling, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

  9. Case Studies and Practical Applications: Apply your knowledge and skills to real-life case studies, and gain practical experience in assessing and treating trigger points.

  10. Final Assessment and Certification: Test your understanding of trigger point therapy concepts through a comprehensive final assessment. Upon successful completion, receive your certification in Trigger Point Therapy from e-PhysioNeeds.


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