Certification in Emotional Freedom Technique
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Certification in Emotional Freedom Technique

"Unlock the Power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping: Master the Art, Heal Your Clients, and Create Lasting Positive Change in Your Practice.

Instructor: Prof. Krishna N. SharmaLanguage: English

About the course

Embark on a journey of emotional freedom and healing with our comprehensive EFT Tapping certification course. Discover the power of this groundbreaking technique to address emotional challenges and promote well-being.

Course Overview:

  1. Introducing EFT: Begin your exploration by understanding the foundations of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and its revolutionary impact on emotional healing.
  2. The EFT Basics: Dive into the basics of EFT, mastering the art of tapping to release emotional blockages and restore balance to the body's energy system.
  3. Tapping Technique Refinement: Refine your tapping techniques, exploring the nuances of this method to enhance its efficacy in addressing various emotional issues.
  4. EFT Applications: Explore the diverse applications of EFT, discovering how it can be applied to alleviate stress, anxiety, phobias, and other emotional challenges.
  5. Advanced Tapping Protocols: Elevate your skills with advanced tapping protocols, delving into specialized techniques for targeted and profound emotional release.
  6. Integrating EFT Into Your Practice: Learn how to seamlessly integrate EFT into your existing healing practices, creating a harmonious blend of traditional and modern therapeutic approaches.
  7. Working With Client Groups: Understand how to tailor EFT sessions for specific client groups, adapting your approach to address the unique needs of individuals in various contexts.
  8. Developing an EFT Practice: Gain insights into building and growing your EFT practice, from marketing strategies to creating a supportive environment for clients.
  9. Case Studies and Discussion: Apply your knowledge through real-world case studies, engaging in discussions to deepen your understanding and refine your EFT skills.

Why Choose "Certification in EFT Tapping":

  • Transformational Healing: Unleash the transformative power of EFT, facilitating emotional healing for yourself and others.
  • Practical Mastery: Develop hands-on mastery of EFT techniques, ensuring you can confidently guide others through the process of emotional release.
  • Versatile Applications: Discover the versatility of EFT, applicable to a wide range of emotional challenges for holistic well-being.


Certification in EFT Tapping Curriculum 

Module 1: Introducing EFT 

Module 2: The EFT Basics 

Module 3: Tapping Technique Refinement 

Module 4: EFT Applications 

Module 5: Advanced Tapping Protocols

Module 6: Integrating EFT Into Your Practice 

Module 7: Working With Client Groups 

Module 8: Developing an EFT Practice 

Module 9: Case Studies and Discussion

Module 1: Introducing EFT Dive into the fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Techniques, understanding its philosophy and foundational principles.

Module 2: The EFT Basics Master the basics of tapping, exploring meridian points and establishing a strong foundation for effective EFT practice.

Module 3: Tapping Technique Refinement Refine your tapping techniques, focusing on precision and efficiency to enhance the therapeutic impact of EFT.

Module 4: EFT Applications Explore diverse applications of EFT, from stress and anxiety relief to addressing specific emotional challenges.

Module 5: Advanced Tapping Protocols Elevate your practice with advanced tapping protocols designed for nuanced and targeted emotional healing.

Module 6: Integrating EFT Into Your Practice Learn seamless integration strategies to incorporate EFT into your existing therapeutic or coaching practice.

Module 7: Working With Client Groups Discover specialized techniques for effectively working with diverse client groups, tailoring your approach to individual needs.

Module 8: Developing an EFT Practice Gain insights into building a successful EFT practice, covering client relations, marketing, and business management.

Module 9: Case Studies and Discussion Apply your knowledge through real-world case studies, honing your EFT skills through insightful discussions."

What you’ll learn

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