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Dr. Chakshu

Ph.D. Scholar from America, specializing in the field of musculoskeletal health. With a plethora of international certifications and qualifications, she trains physiotherapist across the globe. In addition to her international qualifications, Dr. Bansal is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified EMG-NCV therapist from the USA, and a Certified Sport sector trainer, recognized by the Government of India. She currently serves as the Academic Head and Instructor at KKMT ASIA, contributing significantly to the field of Physiotherapy. She is the developer of "Tapedia," an encyclopedia that provides certification in taping techniques, and has co-developer of KKMT. Dr. Bansal is also the author of "Magical Manus" and co-author of KKMT - book on 3D peripheral manual therapy and holds the esteemed honor of being a three-time World Record holder

About the course

This course has developed with the intention to train the Physiotherapist and physiotherapy students to learn Muscle energy Techniques in a simplified way to use the technique clinically in an
effective way. It is important to note that the best recent evidence available to PTs, strongly suggests that this is a very effective approach to reduce the stiffness, pain and increase the strength of the muscle.
The physiotherapist can help their patients in treating various orthopaedic, neurological, sports conditions. The techniques have been well elaborated in the course for the cervical, thoracic, extremities and other regions of the body.

Course objective

  • Learning the basics of muscle energy techniques with the patient assessment.
  • Comprehensive theoretical and demonstration of articular and muscular muscle energy technique.
  • Kinesiology, assessment and application of the technique for individual muscles.
  • Assignments will keep your progress checked.

Course Aims
This course is indented to develop and strengthen the ideas of relieving the pain in a better way in the easiest manner. All the muscles and joints have their own energy which can be used for their

Course Outcome

  • Apply the technique appropriately, in clinical rehabilitation.
  • Learn the biomechanics of every joint.
  • Kinesiology of the muscles and its dysfunction would be clear.
  • This course aims in evaluations and assessments and accordingly applying the technique for the articular MET.
  • This course aims in evaluation and assessments and accordingly applying the techniques for the Muscular MET.

Course Curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me, even if I'm a Experienced Physio/BPT?
Absolutely! This Course is designed for aspiring Professionals at all levels, whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your own Clinic.
What will I need to participate in the course?
Just a computer or mobile device with internet access and a curious mind!
Which language is the course in?
English Only.
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